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The IRS website reports that 90% of NPO (non-profit) applicants WOULD be approved BUT only 40% ever achieve their non-profit status.

Why the huge difference?

Because the IRS reports that the vast majority of applicants don't understand how the process works and for that reason, the application is kicked out over and over again until most applicants stop trying. That is why the huge discrepency between the percentage the IRS WOULD approve and those that actually complete the process successfully.

Don't allow your organization to become one of those that wastes months and years beating your head against a wall. Let us handle the process for you!

For this very low, (No Surprises) flat fee, we will:

Work with you to ensure your incorporation paperwork is ready,

We will help you get incorporated in your state, if you are not already incorporated (in order to file for a 501(C)3, you must first become a corporation),

We will help you write your mission statement, articles of incorporation, bylaws and statement of purpose,

We will fill out the new forms that the IRS put in place on July 1, 2014. These new forms take the place of the previously used 1023 form.

And, our goal will be to complete the application within 30 days and have it on its way to the IRS for approval.

If you are serious about operating as a non profit organization, you must first become a recognized 501(C)3 ... and we can help.

Click Here! To contact us about getting started today! We will handle all of the paperwork for you and submit it to the IRS on a flat fee basis of $500.00 plus your normal IRS filing fees.

What are you Waiting For -
Let us Help You TODAY to File for your 501(C)3!
We are proud to announce another successful application for a federally recognized 501C3 was processed on behalf of our clients. If you are thinking of filing for non-profit status with the federal government but find the process overwhelming, we can help!

"Bonnie was fabulous and instrumental in guiding us through the process of creating our new non-profit organization, EIE Cares Corp.

EIE Cares Corp. is focused on Educating, Inspiring and Enriching the livesof animals and the humans who share their lives with them. We are veryappreciative that Bonnie helped us through the process from beginning toend which resulted in a very fast approval. We HIGHLY recommend Bonnie to help with your new non-profit too!"
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