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The Books & Audio Books

We are including all of our books and audio books in our free affiliate program. That means, anytime one of your visitors clicks on YOUR affiliate link and makes a purchase from our shopping cart, YOUR organization earns 35% of that sale. We have books for all the horse, dog and cat lovers in your life!! That is more than 20 products for your visitors to enjoy, while helping your organization at the same time.

Click here to join today! Or follow this link to our Horse Tales for the Soul site to join today!

How Does the Program Work

It couldn't be easier to participate. Just sign-up for our Free Affiliate Program, select one of the many text or banner links that we provide for you and post it on your website, in your newsletters, on your FB page, on your twitter account, in your outgoing press releases, at your events and everywhere else you can think of. Each affiliate partner has their own unique "link". When your supporters use upir link, they are brought directly to our shopping cart and whatever they purchase is credited to YOUR unique Affiliate Link. Your organization receives 35% of that sale! Most affiliate programs offer below 10%, however, our goal is to help you, help us, help you and for that reason, we went with 35% to our affiliate partners. Click here to join today!

Each month, provided your total meets our minimum ($100.00), we electronically transmit your 35% to your paypal account. If you didn't meet your payout minimum for a particular month, that total rolls over toward the next month's earnings. Click here to join today!

How Much Can We Earn?

That amount is limited ONLY by your ambition! If you take advantage of all the ways you can promote your Affiliate Link, there is no limit as to how much you can earn. Click here to join today!

Your organization receives 35% of every sale made through your unique Affiliate Link which will add up fast!

You don't have to ship anything,

You don't have to buy anything,

You don't have to build any shopping carts,

You don't have to invoice anything and

You don't have to stock any products.

We do all of that for you

What you do need to do is to actively share your link with everyone, everywhere, in every way you can. The better you get at that one skill, the more money your organization will earn each month. Earning hundreds of dollars in extra income each month (without spending a dime to do it) is a very good thing for your organization! We provide the great books, the website, the shopping cart and we will ship all the orders. All you have to do is share your link with everyone, everywhere, all the time and your readers win, your organization wins and the animals win! Click here to join today!

Do We Need to Have a Website to Participate?

Even if you don't have a website, you can benefit from our Affiliate Program by just sharing your unique Affiliate Link with your supporters in your newsletters, through press releases, on your letterhead, as a handout at all your live events, etc., and every time they use it and make a purchase, you earn 35% of that purchase with or without a website!

Do We Need to Purchase Books in Order to Participate?

No. Just share your unique Affiliate Link and let us do the rest. If you feel it would be helpful to have books on hand to show your visitors, use your own Affiliate Link to purchase books yourself and receive 35% back!

Do We Need to Have a Shopping Cart?

No. When your supporters click on your unique Affiliate Link, they are brought directly to OUR shopping cart which will track the sale and credit it to YOUR affiliate account automatically.

Can We Track our Progress?

Yes. When you join, you will have your own user name and password so you can go online 24/7 and see how you are doing.

When Do We Get Paid?

Provided you met the minimum payout amount ($100.00), you are paid on the 15th of each month electronically via paypal. All sales that have been completed by the 14th of each month are applied to your payment for that month's sales. If you didn't meet the minimum payout amount for one month, that total rolls over to the next month automatically.

What are you waiting for? If your organization could benefit from additional income every month, this is a family-friendly, fun way to share great books with your followers and earn 35% of every sale at the same time. If you are willing to share your affiliate link with your followers, this is a great way to earn money for your organization and you don't have to do any work! Here are some easy ways to share your affiliate link without spending a dime!!

In your e-mail signature line,
On your website,
In your newsletters,
In outgoing press releases,
In your e-mail correspondence,
At your live events,
On your FB, twitter accounts, and these are just a few of the zillions of ways you can share your link and earn money, starting right now!

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