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In this week’s newsletter, I want to talk to you about:
* Link to national nonprofit association
* Tips for taking care of, and attracting major givers
Link to National Nonprofit Association
This website is fabulous when you are looking for your state-based organization that represents non profits. The link I have provided will take you right to their map locator page so you can click on your state and find the website for the organization in your state.  These websites are overflowing with helpful information, most of which is free and should not be missed!
Taking Care of Investor/Donors

There are generally two kinds of donors for a non profit. Those who “give” money and those who “invest their money in your business”. They are very different folks and I would wager that 99% of all non profits are focused only on the givers and never give a thought to the investors. The givers will donate from $1.00 to possibly several hundred dollars in goods, services or money and may only ask you for a tax deduction form that they can use on next year’s taxes, or possibly a small gift (gift card or T-shirt, etc), however the second (investors), will expect much more and because their donations will be in the many thousands of dollars and up, they will deserve much more.
Donors who fall under the category of investors are those big donors who are passionate about the work YOU do, are high profile people who may not have the time to help you personally but they do have the money. These folks want you to succeed and they also want to make sure their money is not wasted.  For that reason, investor/donors will hold you accountable for their money, as they should.  For example, if someone offers to donate $10,000.00 to your organization, they are probably going to expect:
* Greater accountability on how the money is spent, (as you would under the same circumstances),
* More information on what the organization is doing on a daily / weekly / quarterly / annual basis,
* Access to the people running the organization when they want that access, (which is a very reasonable request) and 
* Treatment that singles them out as a "Special Friend" of the organization
Whether they ask for any or all of these items, I would suggest you offer all of them to this special level of donor. I suggest thinking of investor/donors as “partners” in your organization. Some will want to be very active but most will not and some will actually prefer to be silent. The challenge for you is to learn what these "partners" want and then make sure they get it. The obvious advantage of cultivating investor/donors is the large money, however, be clear about this, the real advantage of cultivating investor/donors is that these are folks who are passionate about the wonderful work YOU do and they will be there for you year after year, so long as you continue to cultivate your relationship with these special donors, whereas other traditional donors may not be as passionate.  Both are vital to your growth.

What I’m about to suggest is probably going to have some of our partners gagging for a minute but I promise you, it will be OK and you will benefit from learning these new skills!!  In order to meet, attract and build a long-term relationship with investor/donors your organization needs to become donor-centric. By this I mean, you need to recognize that without donors, you don’t exist. They are the engine that keeps your boat moving forward and just like any boat captain will tell you, if you don’t focus your attention on the care and maintenance of that engine on a daily, weekly, monthly basis you are going to find yourself adrift.

The same is true with donors. Once you realize that without them - you are toast - it is only logical that you would want to make sure they know you are grateful, appreciate their support and do things to include them in activities in a special way.  Here are some suggestions for those investor/donors who donate more than 10K:

1. I would recommend putting up a brass plaque in the foyer of your building that will stay there forever,
2. You could name a portion of your facility after them (the Walter Johnson wing for example),
3. Whenever you host an event, you send a special invitation to them and introduce them at the beginning of every event, include their names in all the outgoing press and post them prominently on your website,
4.You could provide them with an honorary seat on your board of directors,
5. set up a page on your website honoring your top donors,
6. Announce your biggest investors/supports in a social media campaign,
7. Include a list of your greatest investors/supports in your next newsletter.

Those are just a few suggestions that will honor and properly thank your current investor/donors and attract more as a result.

So, where do you find these folks in the first place and how do you attract them to your organization?  These types of donors come after a relationship is developed and you can begin to do that by offering to do programs in places of interest to these folks.  For example, if you are hoping to cultivate large investor/donors from your business community, than you need to start attending all the Chamber of Commerce meetings, go to the meet and greets (or commonly called after hours events hosted by your COC).  Don’t just join the COC in your town, become a member in the COC of the surrounding towns and become active.  I can already hear through my e-mail many of you saying, “I don’t have time.” To which, I would say two things:

1. You can’t afford NOT to make the time, and

2. What you need is one articulate volunteer who ideally is someone of prominence in your community (a retired mayor, city councilman, retired police chief, etc) who will be your point man for these events.

Your success is directly tied to your level of gratitude toward those folks who are
helping you achieve your goals.  That gratitude should be extended to your volunteers, donors, investor/donors, clients and everyone else who helps you achieve your goals. 

Below are some additional ways to increase your organization’s income, check these out:

Have a wildly successful week,
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Po Box 548
Yellville,  AR  72687

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