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* The Seven Steps to Success for All Non Profits

Seven Steps to Success for ALL Non Profits!
As a 501(c)3 you have a list of amazing opportunities available to you for raising money, working with the media, joint venturing with other organizations that normal “for profit” businesses can only dream of. However, having a long list of opportunities only counts if you do something with them. 
Below are my Seven Steps to Success for All Non Profits.  If you read, follow and implement these seven, easy to follow steps in your organization from this day forward, I promise you, within a week, you are going to start seeing positive results:
STEP ONE: Focus your attention on what you WANT, not on what you
For example, you have a leaky roof and it will cost $5,000.00 to fix it. Instead of CHOOSING to focus on “YIKES, we don’t have the money and everything is getting wet from the leak in the roof”, I want you to CHOOSE to focus your attention on being certain that you have everything you need to solve this problem and you are going to CHOOSE to focus on finding 10 ways to raise the $5,000.00 (and more money while you are at it) rather than focus on the “problem” which is not going to bring you any solution… just more stress.  In EVERY situation, there is an equal amount of good and bad, an equal amount of upside (opportunity) and downside (problems).  What YOU choose to focus your attention on is what the situation becomes for you.  If you have a leaky roof and you want to come up with the $5000.00 to fix the leak, I promise you, focusing on the leak is NEVER going to get you the money you need to solve the problem.  However, focusing your attention on the solution will get you the $5000.00 to fix the leak a whole lot quicker. I come from a hunter/jumper background and in the jumping world, there is an old saying that you should NEVER look back if you hear a rub because if you do, you will EAT the next fence.  In other words, if you think you have, might have or do have a problem (leaky roof, knocked the top rail of the fence you just jumped), NEVER focus on the “problem” because that is a sure-fired way to increase the problem (i.e. eat the next fence).  Instead, CHOOSE to shift your focus immediately onto finding the solution, onto the path of moving forward, onto the path of improvement and you will get more of that. As golfers will tell you, if you hit a bad shot and CHOOSE to stay focused on that mistake you just made, you will bogey the next hole and double bogey the hole after that.  The trick to being successful is to realize it is all about what YOU are choosing to focus on, identify what that is as quickly as possible and make the adjustment as quickly as possible to shift your focus from the problem to the solution.
STEP TWO: Dream Big.  I live by the belief that there is no point in aiming for the top of the mountain when you could aim for the stars instead! And, by the way, if you should fail to reach the stars, you will land on the mountain top 99% of the time!  When you are thinking about your organization, don’t think small - think big.. big ideas, big donors, big sponsors, big results, big success.  If you are going to commit to working long hours anyway, you might as well commit to BIG RESULTS!
STEP THREE: Chart a Course (Plan). This I guarantee: It is ALWAYS easier to get to your destination if you know where you are going before you begin the journey. Another reason for charting your course before you begin is so that you don't PASS BY your destination because you didn't realize that you HAD ARRIVED.
The clearer you are about where you want to be over the long haul (5 - 10 years) the easier it will be to hit the mark on your short term goals (1 month, 6 months, 1 year) because you have a clear focal point that you are aiming for down the line, making it easier to stay on course and when you get off track, (and everyone gets off track from time to time), the necessary adjustments are minor and pain-free because they are caught so much earlier before they have a chance to escalate and bite you in the backside. 
In a previous newsletter, I talked about the concept of working backwards from your end goal in order to make it easier to chart your course to success.  This is part of the process of Charting your Course.  In brief, it is easier to achieve your annual goals if you ask, how much money do we want to make next year and then divide that backwards down to how much will then be required to earn per month, per week, per day in order to break the BIG goal down to smaller, easier to achieve goals.  Charting a long-term course is not just about saying in 5 years, we want to quadruple our operating budget.  It is really more about saying, if our goal is to quadruple our operating budget in 5 years, that means we need to make X amount more each year between now and then.  Which means, we need to make Y amount more each month for the next 5 years, Z amount more each week for the next 5 years and ZZ amount more each day for the next 5 years.  That is how you choose a long-term goal, break it down “backwards” into smaller, easier to attain goals and by doing this, you make it extremely easy to know if you are on track after the first day and if you are not, it is an easy adjustment to make in order to get back on track.
STEP FOUR: Work the Plan (take action everyday using your plan as your roadmap).  I am all about controlling my outcomes in business and in life in general because that is where the power is, where the “juice” is in business, where the BIG results come from and I’m not playing at this, and neither should you be! The work you di is too important to be playing at it!  I’m prepared to step up, seize every opportunity that comes my way, take action to make things happen and I will let my results speak for themselves! I challenge you to do the same!
STEP FIVE: Stay focused on the upside in all situations (in every situation, KNOW that your job is to find the upside because that is where the greatest benefits are for your organization). As you should already know, the greatest business tool you have is YOUR attitude.  If you are burned out and ticked off, KNOW at that moment that you have chosen to focus on the downside of the situation. I want you to KNOW that there is an equally FABULOUS upside to the same situation that you will NEVER EVEN NOTICE if you continue to allow yourself to focus on the downside.  Don’t mistake me for a Polly-Anna. I tell you this from a purely scientific perspective and it works.
Here is an exercise that will illustrate the point. To test how good your powers of observation are, I challenge you to take 10 seconds to count all the RED items in the room you are sitting in right now... 
Tell me how many BLUE items they found.  Yes, you heard me correctly, tell me how many BLUE items you counted during that 10-second exercise? The answer is always ZERO, of course, because they were ONLY looking for RED items. However if I now ask them to look around the same room and count up all the BLUE items, you will find dozens of them. Did I just sneak in dozens of blue items into the room right under your nose?  NO.  Did the blue items just magically appear?  NO.  The fact of the matter is that they were there the whole time. However, YOU were so focused on seeing ONLY the red items that you were completely oblivious to seeing anything else.  The same is true when it comes to seeing the upside and the downside in every situation.  If YOU are already burned out and ticked off, there is very little chance YOU are going to notice the upside (opportunities) in an otherwise seemingly bad situation. As a result of that choice (it is a choice you made to focus on the downside by the way, in the same way that it was a choice you made to focus on finding all the red items in the room during our exercise), you will completely MISS all the upside/opportunities that came with that same situation. The secret to spotting opportunities in all situations is to start training yourself to not just look for them, but to KNOW that they are there and to refuse to give up until you find them. All of them! I promise you, if the start working on developing that skill, it will get easier and easier for you to spot the opportunities in all situations (especially the bad situations) and if you can spot them, you can act on them, incorporate them in your organization and benefit from them.
STEP SIX: Track your successes.  It is so easy to get swept up in the day-to-day of running a business that you find yourself six months down the road wondering why you aren’t further along than you are. If you get in the habit of maintaining a daily journal on your computer, iphone or by hand (I suggest the computer because it is faster and  easier to keep organized by simply typing whatever you need to say in a doc file and saving the file with today’s date, “June 18, 2020”). The beauty of doing this is that you can go back several years to see the contrast from what you were working on then to what you are working on now.  It gives you the chance to see growth, personal and professional development, how you overcame tough situations and grew stronger through them and most of all, it reminds you of how diligently you work each and every day to grow your organization. My journals go back at least 10 years and on the days when I find myself feeling like I don’t measure up or I’m just not smart enough, all I have to do is arbitrarily open any file with the same date on it from any previous year and compare where I was back then to where I am right now. Immediately, I can see the evolution of my business and personal growth. This allows me to stop questioning myself and instead pat myself on the back for just how far I have really come. That step alone is enough to shift my perspective on the current situation and get me back on track, moving forward in a positive direction.
STEP SEVEN: Keep moving forward. I can’t stress this one enough.  In business, there is NO rule that says you have to be the smartest business owner or the best business owner before you are allowed to do something BIG.  Life and business growth are all about making the best decision you can, based on the information you have at that moment and if it works out – GREAT, be thrilled and move on to the next thing.  If it doesn’t work out – GREAT, be thrilled, make note of the business and life lessons you have learned (and earned) through that “mistake” and move on to the next thing, wiser for the experience and education you have garnered.  You can’t “learn” without being willing to make mistakes and you can’t make a mistake unless you are willing to take a step forward! For what it is worth, in business, you are running a MARATHON NOT A SPRINT, which means, you are not judged by each single step or single decision you make, you are judged by the quality of the total race you run.
So, to sum it all up, Dream Big. Make a plan to get there.  Stay focused on the long view so you don’t allow yourself to get hung up on the small things. Make the minor adjustments necessary along the way to stay on course (embrace your mistakes, learn from them to become smarter on the journey). Track your journey (journal every day the successes and the life/business lessons learned and earned along the way) and keep moving forward toward your end goal and you will get there!

Have a wildly successful week,
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Po Box 548
Yellville,  AR  72687

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