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* Grassroots Fundraising Success
* Exponential Success

Grassroots Fundraising Success
Grassroots Fundraising, traditionally meant going door-to-door or having your friends and neighbors help you raise funding by asking all of their friends and neighbors to help out. However, with the advent of twitter, face book and something as simple as e-mail, your neighborhood is now the entire planet! As Disney once said,
“it’s a small world after all!”
For those of you who are not already on facebook or twitter, here is a simple example of today’s “grassroots fundraising” business model. You have a list of 50 people in your e-mail address book. This list includes friends, family and people who have been involved in your non-profit at some level over the years.
Using today’s Grassroots Fundraising model, you would send an e-mail to all 50 of those folks by writing one press release and BCC:’ing it to everyone with the click of a button. At the bottom of that e-mail, include a
link that invites those 50 people to click on it and share your e-mail with their mailing list of friends and family. (this is what is meant by something "going viral.")
(BCC: means that you are “blind carbon copying” people so that even though you are sending out 1 e-mail to 50 people at the same time (in this case), each e-mail looks like it was sent separately and no one
else’s e-mail address is displayed in the TO: section of the e-mail. This is essential to learn how to do for two reasons: 1. It protects the privacy of all the people on your e-mail list by not displaying their e-mail
address to everyone else receiving the same e-mail and 2. It keeps your e-mail more personal, rather than resembling a mass mailing. NOTE: In order to avoid displaying anyone’s e-mail address in the TO: line, send the e-mail to YOURSELF in the To: Line and BCC everyone else. In this way, it will display your e-mail address in the to and the from lines, maintaining everyone's privacy.
When the e-mail is sent to their friends and family members, the same link is at the bottom of each of their e-mails which invites them to share your e-mail with their friends and family and the process continues,
making your single e-mail “go viral.” What do you think would happen if IN that single e-mail was your DONATE NOW button that connected to your website page with your DONATE NOW link to Paypal or google
and a landing page devoted to whatever special fund raising program you were doing? I’ll tell you what would happen, you would be raising a lot more money every time you hit the send button on your e-mail program
and by the way, none of this would cost you a dime to do!
Now, taking this to the next level and looking to your “Exponential Success,” what do you think would happen if you wrote a press release with the same – click here to share this with your friends AND included a DONATE NOW button in all of your e-mail press releases AND for those press releases that you want to have included in print media (newspapers, magazines, etc), what do you think would happen if you included the URL address to that special page on your website that explained your fund raising program AND included the DONATE NOW button to PayPal and google? I’ll tell you what would happen, you would raise a lot more money every time you sent out a press release AND, by the way, it wouldn’t cost you a dime to do!
As I have said in previous newsletters, every non profit should be sending out press releases on a weekly basis. If your media list were 50 deep, including local and statewide newspapers, TV, Radio and PR sites on the web which would run your release around the globe, imagine how many new people you could introduce to your organization in just one week if you wrote and shipped out one, single, press release each week and if every one of those included the URL address to your fund raising page that housed the DONATE NOW button or, better yet, if your e-mail press release included all three, the URL address, a DONATE NOW button AND a click here to share this with a friend link. I’ll tell you what would happen, you would raise a lot more money every time you hit that send button and by the way, it wouldn’t cost you a dime to do!
I know there are many non profits who would argue, “We don’t have time to write and ship out press releases each week.” To that I would say, you can’t afford NOT to make the time every week to write and send out a press release to you media list. Especially when you look at the mathematical growth you can achieve on your mailing list alone by doing so.
By the way,
the whole point of sending out press releases is to:

Drive traffic to your website.

The whole point of driving traffic to your website is to:

Invite people to use your double-opt-in forms to join your mailing list, AND/OR click that DONATE NOW button that hooks into your PayPal or Google accounts so people can make donations immediately AND/OR to visit your event page where they can see what great events are coming up so they can attend, AND/OR to learn about volunteer opportunities AND/OR donor opportunities.

The whole point of having people sign up for your mailing list is:

1. So that when you go to local/national business sponsors asking for money, you are no longer ASKING, you are now in a position to OFFER them greater value for their donation than they would ever get if they paid for an ad in the local paper. Imagine how powerful it would be to be able to approach local business owners and OFFER them, in exchange for their donation of $500.00 or more, a full color page on your website for a month, inclusion in all of your outgoing press releases for a full month, and inclusion in your weekly newsletter to your very large mailing list for a month? Are you seeing the value of this now?

2. So that the next time you are getting ready to host an event, with the click of one button, you can send an announcement and invitation to your entire e-mail mailing list. Imagine how many more people would show up if you could do this.

3. So that, the next time you have a special need (volunteers for an event, money for some emergency need, etc., etc), with the click of one send button, you can communicate with everyone on your very deep e-mail list.
By the way, in order to convince business sponsors that you have a popular, highly visited website you should be able to check your unique visitor traffic numbers 24/7 as part of your web hosting package, free of charge. If you can’t, check out our resources page on to hook you up with a web hosting company for under $10.00 per month that will provide you with unlimited websites, free domain renewal on your first domain name, 24/7 traffic tracking in dozens of different ways, unlimited e-mail addresses and much more. This is a company that we have worked with for years and couldn’t be more pleased with them. By the way, they also have the smartest 24/7 tech support I have ever encountered and they are housed in the USA so the only communication barrier is the technical stuff!!

Have a wildly successful week,
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Po Box 548
Yellville,  AR  72687

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