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We look forward to making our newsletter the one e-mail you look forward to opening each week because it is filled with helpful tips to make you more successful.

Our single goal at is to make sure you have and you hone the skills you will need to take your non-profit business to the next level. For many of you, those new skills will take your non-profit business to the next 10 levels!  

This week’s newsletter is all about:
* How you can use double opt-in forms on your website to exponentially increase your income, your turn-out to all of your events, and your business sponsorships,
* How tracking traffic to your website is like money in the bank,
* How setting up a Media Page on your website is a must-have item for success,

Tip # 1: Use the Internet to Expand Your Business. Every website should have double opt-in forms located on every page of the site. A double opt-in form is a short form that allows visitors to sign-up for something while allowing you to build a list of e-mail addresses of people who are interested in your work. A double opt-in form can be used for a newsletter, or a free report or a downloadable photograph or to enter a contest… the options are endless but the benefits to your organization are… as they say…. PRICELESS! 

Advantages of the Double Opt-In form:
Imagine how irresistible your organization would be to business sponsors if you could say to them, as a thank you gift for your donation of $5000.00, we want to include a special thank you profile about your company in our weekly newsletter that is read by our 3000 subscribers (in addition to the other goodies I suggested in our first newsletter).

Imagine how many more people would attend your local events if your local e-mail list was 3000 people deep and with the click of a SEND button, you could contact all of them for FREE?

Imagine how many more volunteers you could count on if each time you sent out an e-mail to ask for volunteers, that list was 3000 people deep and filled with people who knew you and your organization through your newsletters, announcements and more?

Here is just one example of the power of having a deep e-mail list:
As a donation to a local non-profit in my community of 1500 people, I agreed to send a note to my own national e-mail list asking if anyone could hook-up this local non-profit with a horse trailer. They wanted to use it as an equipment trailer to store and haul their gear to different events. Within a week, we had acquired two perfectly serviceable (two-horse) horse trailers for this group and the cost to purchase those trailers was ZERO! HELLO? Are you seeing the value of using your website double opt-in forms yet? If you don’t know how to build a double opt-in form, send me a note to and I’ll send you more information.  

Tip #2: Traffic Tracking. If you own a domain name (name of your website) and you pay someone to host your website each month, you should have full, free access to your traffic stats 24/7. I’m not talking about having a counter on your website page that counts the number of total visitors since the beginning
of time, I’m talking about traffic tracking stats that will tell you how many unique visitors you have per day, per hour, per week, per month, per year, how many pages they visit before they leave, how long they stay on your site, which pages they visit first/last and so much more. If you don’t have free access to stats like
this, send me a personal note to and I’ll hook you up with the hosting company we use that charges under 10.00 per month for unlimited numbers of websites and you can pull your own stats 24/7, 365 days a year, free of charge. Knowing this kind of information about your visitors is like having the answers to the test in school before the test is given!! 

Advantages to checking your Stats on a daily basis:
Imagine how much more irresistible you would be to business sponsors if you could print off reports that prove that you average 5000 unique visitors to your website each month. Imagine then, if you said to those sponsors, as a special thank you gift for your donation of $1000.00, we want to include your business logo, a short description of your business and a link to your site on the top three traffic pages of our website for 90 days. Over the three months, they would have 15,000 people looking at that logo and business description on just one page, however, if you load it on your top three visited pages on the site, that number increases beyond 15,000 people. YOUR COST TO DO THIS IS ZERO but the value to a business owner is priceless!!

Knowing what your website traffic looks like on a daily basis will teach you a lot about your visitors and their habits and the more you know about your visitors, the more effectively you can build a solid relationship with them and the better your relationship is, the more people volunteer, the more donors donate, the more businesses help your organization and the more media wants to cover your events. For example, if you check your page stats and find that 80% of all your visitors spend most of their time on one particular page of your site, that should tell you that whatever is on that page, it is of great interest to your visitors and you should provide more of that content on your site. The reverse is also true; if you have pages on your site that rarely get visited and if they do, they are in and out very quickly, this should tell you that your visitors are not interested in that information or the page loads too slowly because you have too much animation on it.
Good stats will tell you what time of the day you get the most traffic, where they are coming from (search engines), how long they stay and more. Here is a simple example of the value of knowing this information:

You pay someone to build you the slickest looking home page for your site that has all kinds of moving animation (flash) items on the page. (We have a local Chamber of Commerce that paid a local marketing company $5000.00 to build their site with all kinds of slick looking flash items on it). You couldn’t be more proud of how slick it looks, UNTIL you check your traffic stats and discover that the average visitor enters and exits on the home page, stays for less than 30 seconds and then leaves. What that tells you is that all that flash on your home page is taking so long to load that your visitors lose interest and leave. This is a really common problem with website owners who are convinced that slicker is better. By the way, our local Chamber of Commerce was told by their hosting firm that they had to PAY several extra hundreds of dollars to see their traffic stats each month. You should never have to pay to see your traffic stats, it should be a free service provided by your hosting provider.

Tip # 3: The Media Page is a must: Anything you can do to make it easier for the media to find and highlight you in the press is worth doing. Putting up a media page on your website is a great start toward achieving this

What is a media page? A media page is simply a page on your website that includes at least the following items:

Top 10 questions any media person would want to ask you in an interview. These standard questions would include things like: name/contact information of your organization, how long have you been in business, what is your business all about, what is your background, how did you get involved in the organization, what are your short-term, long-term goals for this organization, how should people learn more about your organization? And most importantly, The complete, written answers to all 10 of those questions, typed out, spell checked and kept short for the convenience of the media representatives that will be visiting your page,
Complete contact information for the media’s use if they want to set up personal interviews with someone from your organization, Artwork that they can use. You can load low res image files on the media page with a note that says, for high res image files, e-mail XYZ or call ABC-DEFG. OR, if you have access to your server, load all the high res images in a folder on the server so the media doesn't have to wait for you to send them to them. OR, set up a free account and load all of your media files up there and post the link on your media page. That way, the media can access that information instantly, 24/7.

Advantages to having a Media Page:
It makes life much easier for the media because they can get most of their interview done by visiting your website, before they ever meet you in person.

It also helps YOU just as much, in terms of accuracy. I have personally been interviewed more times than I can remember by Print/TV and Radio interviewers and the one thing that has always struck me is the fact that most print interviews include a host of mis-quotes because the reporter came armed with a pen and paper, rather than a tape recorder. The more passionate and excited you are about your topic, the better the odds are that you speak quickly and as a result, will be mis-quoted because the reporter won’t be able to keep up with you. The solution is to provide every interviewer with a simple piece of paper, printed on your computer printer that includes three simple pieces of information: 1. Your organization’s name/address/contact information 2. Your name properly spelled as you want to see it in print and your job title in the organization, 3. The URL of your media page and a short listing of what is available there for the media. I suggest presenting this piece of paper to the reporter at the end of the interview so you know they are taking it with them when they leave. In the weeks to come, we will talk about how to expand that single sheet in to a full press kit, but for now, the single sheet is a must have and the media page on your site is a must have.

Have a wildly successful week,
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Po Box 548
Yellville,  AR  72687

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