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We look forward to making our newsletter the one e-mail you look forward to opening each week because it is filled with helpful tips to make you more successful.

In this week’s newsletter, I want to talk to you about:
* Getting your website up to speed (don’t worry, if you read the tips on this one and are not sure how to do it, we can do it for you!) and,
* How to cultivate the volunteers you REALLY need – not just the ones you THINK you need.
Tip # 1 – Making the most of your website.
I have spoken personally with several of our partners and mentioned to everyone the importance of having double-opt-in forms on all of the pages of your website. In EVERY case, every partner scratched their head and asked what I was talking about. The good news is that double opt-in forms are money in the bank for your organization and will help you in all kinds of positive ways to build your success platform. In a nut shell, a double-opt-in form allows visitors to your website to sign up for a newsletter or similar vehicle. From there, you build your e-mail list. The bigger that list is, the better and here are just three ways reasons:

1. When working with business sponsors, being able to share information about your business sponsors with your very large mailing list as a thank you gift for their large donation is of HUGE value to any business owner.  In today’s internet, building a big e-mail list is referred to as going viral, however, in English, I liken it to growing grass in your back garden. Once you get the grass started, it will grow on its own, spread on its own and keep growing on its own without a lot of help from you. As a result, it is easy to take it for granted, HOWEVER, if you know of someone who owns goats or sheep, that grass is of great value to them. Building a large e-mail list is like growing a great garden filled with grass and inviting the sheep or goat owner to bring over their herd to enjoy it as a thank you gift for their donation to your organization. Very inexpensive for you but very valuable for the animal owner.

2. Here is another essential reason why having a mailing list is essential. Being able to notify a very large, deep e-mail list about your upcoming event, about a fund raiser you are doing, about an open house you are hosting, with the click of a SEND button is HUGE. Once the list is built, it costs you nothing to send out the e-mail notice to all the members of your list, but it is priceless to the success of your next event.

3. Being able to develop relationships with a very large, deep e-mail list of like-minded folks is amazingly valuable to your organization. Imagine being able to e-mail a note to your list: Sharing good news about what is going on at your facility this week; asking if anyone could donate a special piece of equipment you need or a truck or a trailer; invite people to come and volunteer; invite people to click your donate now button and the list is endless. In other words, there are plenty of caring, generous folks on the planet who are looking to help you, however, they can’t help if they don’t know you exist. Build the list and they will come… and they will help!
Now that we know the value of the double-opt-in form, let’s talk about how to put one up on your website so you can start building your e-mail list today.
1. First, an opt-in form is nothing more than a form that invites visitors to sign up for your newsletter or sign up for a free report or sign up to become a member, etc.. Simple.

2. A double-opt-in form puts you in complete compliance with the Spam folks by requiring that everyone confirm their desire to sign-up with you BEFORE you officially sign them up. This is the safest, most honorable way to build an e-mail list and it takes a bit of extra auto responder work but it is well worth it because it can be completely automated. If you use mailchimp or other autoresponder programs, they can provide you with the double-opt-in form that will tie directly into your mailing list with them. If you are comfortable tackling that job, it is a great way to go!

3. If you have someone building your website for you, ask them to set up:

A. Your double opt-in form on EVERY page of your website in a prominent place (always in the top ½ of the page) and make it large enough that people can’t miss it. Then ask them to

B. Set up a re-direct to another page that thanks them for signing up and lets them know they will be asked to confirm their subscription via e-mail.

C. The final necessary step is to have them set up the double opt-in e-mail in your auto responder program. This will take off automatically the second the person fills out your subscription form and hits the submit button. Your website will automatically send them to the redirect page and send them an e-mail asking them to confirm their subscription by either responding to the e-mail or by following a link to a special page set up on your website. This can all be automated. Again, if you are using mailchimp or a similar newsletter program, you can achieve the same results through their software.

I suggest that all subscriptions be set up so that the data is sent to two locations. First to a special e-mail address that you set up on your computer so each subscription is sent there AND have all the data ALSO directed to an on-line .txt file so you can pull the full list on-line by visiting a private page on your own website. THIS is where you can harvest your e-mail list every day, every week or every month conveniently before you send out your next newsletter it also provides a back-up, in the event your computer has a problem or if you are traveling and want to send a note to your list. If you use mailchimp or another similar program, they will store your DB automatically and as you send out e-mail campaigns, they will cull your list of duplicates or kick outs as well.
If all of what you just read has you scratching your head… when you signed up for our newsletter at, you executed a double-opt-in. You can see, it wasn’t complicated for you to fill out, however, from a programming standpoint, it can be complicated to set up. If your webmaster would rather not
tackle that mountain, we can do it for you without accessing your website, so don’t worry!

If your webmaster does not have the software necessary to do this, or if they don't feel comfortable setting up a mailchimp account on your behalf, we can do it for you for just $47.97 a year. Normally, a web designer would charge you several hundred dollars for the same thing, however, we are all about helping you, help yourself to succeed!

We will set up the form on one of our website pages for you so all you have to do is put a large, simple text link on every page of your website that reads something like: “Click Here to Sign Up For Our Newsletter” or “to get our free report” or “to get on our mailing list”. That text link will send people to your special page on
our site where your custom built form will be waiting. Just tell us what info you would like your subscribers to provide when they sign-up (first name, last name, e-mail address, physical address, etc) and we will build a formon our site.
ALL the results from your form will be e-mailed to whatever e-mail address you give us automatically and instantly and we will ALSO set up a .txt file for you that you can access 24/7 to pull your results from on-line. You can build your list from each incoming e-mail, however it is quicker and easier for you to use the .txt file and it provides you with a back-up as your list grows.
We will also set up the double-opt-in process for you so you are in complete compliance with the Spam rules and we will keep the form up on our site for a full year. That is a cost of just .13 cents per day for a full year! After the first year, your annual cost is reduced to just $35.00 per year, (or just .095 per day) for every
year thereafter. To have us set up your double-opt-in form today, follow this link to our shopping cart and simply fill in the details!

If you would like us to set up a mailchimp account for you and build the double-opt-in form through their service on your behalf, e-mail us at for more information.
Tip #2 – How to cultivate the volunteers you REALLY need – not just the ones you THINK you need.
It is common sense to be on the look-out for volunteers who can help with the day-to-day chores that come up in your organization. If you are running an animal based facility, it makes sense that you would be looking for stall cleaners, people who can feed, water, sweep, groom and handle all the heavy lifting that goes with a labor intensive organization. HOWEVER, never overlook the fact that all successful organizations stand on three legs; the first leg has an eye to the future and for this you need people with business planning experience. The second leg handles the financial side of the organization and these are the folks who are seeking grant money, looking for ways to raise money by developing relationships with local businesses, events and other opportunities and the third leg of the tripod is the physical work which includes the not so glamorous jobs of clean up as well as the very rewarding jobs that include working with clients, animals and others. Like any good tri-pod, all legs are equal and all legs need to be supported by the other two in order to stand.
While you are constantly on the look out for volunteers who are physically strong, be sure to look just as much for senior citizens who are retired lawyers or bankers or PR people or media folks. Two legs of that tripod require a large degree of business acumen and little or no physical strength. With that in mind, checking into the local senior citizens clubs or the local SCORE office in your area are both great places to
find a treasure trove of skilled, talented, seasoned professionals who would love to get involved in your organization.

Have a wildly successful week,
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Po Box 548
Yellville,  AR  72687

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