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Your New Website
Get your website built by and get everything below!

1. Double opt-in forms on every page so you can build your e-mail list FAST,

2. Seven must-have pages on your site to take your success to the next level, (Home page, about us, contact us, media page, volunteer page, donation page, our supporters page)

3. Donate now buttons on every page of your new site so people around the world can easily and securely make donations to your organization,

4. Several interactive forms that will automate your business and present your organization as a cutting edge, professional organization,

5. PayPal - We will help you set up your PayPal standard business account (if you don't already have one),

6. We will set up a webhosting account for you that will provide you with full, free traffic tracking information that would otherwise cost you a lot of money each month to access. Extensive traffic reports are essential to have in order to attract advertisers and business sponsors to your website,

7. Flat Fee for Changes - We will provide you with unlimited changes to your website each month for a flat fee of only $49.95 (no one else does this for a flat fee like we do) - normally you would pay a monthly fee PLUS a shockingly expensive hourly if you exceed the 1 - 4 hours of changes that are included in your monthly fee but mentioned only in the small print.We operate on a flat-fee basis so you have no surprises!

8. We work on a flat fee basis so you have NO surprises! If you want us to rebuild your existing site, we charge a flat fee of $500.00. If you are building a brand new site, we would charge a flat fee of $900.00 and we will help you every step of the way to create everything listed above, as well as help you with preparing your photographs for the site, helping you write compelling content for your site. We can help you get your domain name, help you set up your PayPal account and PayPal donate now buttons and more.

To get started, e-mail us at or Click Here and we can get started today!
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