Double Opt-In Form

Double Opt-In Form Image

We will set up the form on one of our website pages so all you have to do is put a large text link on every page of your website that reads something like: “Click Here to Sign Up For Our Newsletter” or “our free report” or “to get on our mailing list”. That text link will send people to your special page on our site where your custom built form will be waiting. Just tell us what info you would like to request from your subscribers (first name, last name, e-mail address, physical address, etc) and we will build a form and a personal page on our site that looks just like YOUR website so your visitors will have a seamless experience.

ALL the results from your form will be e-mailed to whatever e-mail address you provide and we will set up a txt file for you that you can access on-line 24/7 so you can pull your results anytime you want to.

We will also set up the double-opt-in for you so you are in complete compliance with the Spam rules and we will keep the form up for a full year while you build your e-mail list. That is a cost of just .13 cents per day for a full year!
If you want to continue to use the form after the first year, your cost is reduced to just $35.00 per year, (or just .095 per day) for every year thereafter.
Once you have processed your payment, e-mail with your: 1. E-mail address you would like all the form results sent to,
2. Requetsed Info you would like included on your form (first name, last name, e-mail address, and anything else you would like to know about your subscriber when they sign up).
3. Your website address so we can match our form page to look just like yours!

That is all that you have to do in order to take full advantage of having a fully functional, double-opt in form that will give you a way to build a large, deep e-mail list that will help you build your business exponentially!

Generally, we can have your personal page and form up, tested and running within 48 hours!

Your Price:$47.97