Organizations who have received their official 501(C)3 status from the IRS automatically get four advantages over "for profit" businesses that can easily put you ahead of the pack in your fund raising efforts:
1. You can offer your customers and donors a tax deduction
2. The media loves non profit organizations and will give you free press worth thousands of dollars,
3. As a non profit, you can have all of your event expenses paid up front through donations of goods/services and cash, 4. As a non profit, you have amazing advantages at E-bay and at a long list of other businesses where you can get free goods or services at a huge discount,
When we help you file for your 501(C)3,
We will help you put together all the information required,
Help you with your incorporation process,
Help you write your mission statement, bylaws, articles of incorporation, statement of purpose,
Help you write up all those required essay answers and expanded answers for the 1023 form, and
We will fill out the entire 1023 form (20+ pages),
We will compile the entire final packet for submission and
Our goal is to complete the submission packet within 30 days.
We will do all of that for only $500.00 + your filing fees that are paid directly to your State for incorporating fees and to the IRS for your 501(C)3 filing fees.

Your Price:$500.00