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* Sell on your front counter - Place a quantity of cookbooks on your front
counter at all times. If you run a
shelter/rescue, invite adopters to add
a cookbook to their adoption fees so
they can make home-made treats for
their new dog, cat or horse. The day
someone adopts their new pet, is the
same day they are going to head to the pet shop to purchase bowls, toys and all sorts of other things to make their new family member comfortable in their home. By suggesting they include your personalized pet treat cookbook along with their adoption fees, you are getting them off to a good, healthy start for their new pet. What could be better than encouraging new animal owners to feed their pets the best, all-natural treats?
Tips for Raising the Most Money From
Your Personalized Cookbooks!
* Prepare for Adoption - If someone visits your facility but doesn't find the perfect pet that day, encourage them to get a cookbook today so they can start practicing making home-made treats for their future pet and if they want to bring those fabulous, healthy treats into the shelter/rescue, with your permission of course, they can share their goodies with the animals waiting to find their forever homes. This is great for your shelter/rescue animals, reduces your costs, encourages the person to come by often and the more often they come by, the better the chances are they will find that perfect pet. Who knows, you may end up with a lot of new volunteers as a result!

* Event Sales - If you do outreach events, bring along your cookbooks and sell them at your events. If you are a nonprofit, you will be offering them for a tax-deductible donation of $12.95 or more. By offering them for a donation, you are in full compliance with the tax codes AND your supporters can take the cost of the book(s) off their taxes as a charitable contribution.

* Website Sales - If you have a website, be sure to list the books for sale on your website so visitors from around the globe can purchase your book on-line! Again, if you are a nonprofit, you will be offering them for a tax-deductible donation of $12.95 or more. You don't need a shopping cart to do this, if you have a PayPal account, you can create "buy now" buttons and paste them on your website pages. Paypal allows you to load a re-direct which you can point to a tax deduction form on your website, making things easy for your organization and your supporters.

* Use as Awards - Because your cost is ZERO, these books make wonderful awards for special volunteers, or you can host different contests with your cookbook being one of the prizes for the winners. Remember YOUR information will be on both the front and back covers. What a great way to encourage people to remember you!

* Media Opportunities - If you send a copy of your cookbook to your local media outlets with a press release, this is a great way to garner a lot of free press from the media when they come out to interview you about your new book! The more free press you get each week, the more people remember you and the work you do and the more that happens, the more people come to your facility to support your work. That may take the form of volunteering, making a donation of some sort or providing an animal in need with a forever home.

* Let Local Businesses Help YOU - Many of the nonprofits we work with have invited local business owners to offer the cookbooks for sale in their retail shops, with all the proceeds from all the sales going back to the non-profit. Amazingly, in all the years we have been encouraging non-profits to do this, no local business has ever said NO!! Here is how it works; you provide a book stand that holds 10 books. Once a week, you "run the rounds" which means, someone from your organization visits all the businesses in town who agree to sell your book for you. During your rounds, you restock books and pick up the envelope each business owner keeps behind their counter with all the money from all the sales in it and you deposit it into your bank account and come back next week to do it again!! Imagine having 5 - 10 businesses in town helping you sell your books for you! By the way, while you are there restocking books and picking up money, this is your opportunity to work on building a long-term relationship with these business owners. These relationships can lead to wonderful joint venture opportunities for you and for them!

Get Started Raising Money For Your Organization TODAY!

Let us create a beautiful, personalized pet treat cookbook for your organization, filled with more than 200 recipes that we provide, which are sure to please all the dogs, cats and horses you know.

We provide the recipes, we create the book cover, we handle the layout, we set up the files with the printer, we place the order for you and have them shipped directly to you. All the hard work is done for you and all you have to do is encourage your staff to offer these wonderful books to your visitors in person, on-line, at events or in the community and be prepared to start earning more money every month!!

Healthy and Save Money!

Your Pet Treat Cookbook has a beautiful high gloss cover, B&W interior and loads of tasty pet treat recipes provided by us. People who make their pet treats at home save a lot of money every year and they know exactly what is in them. No preservatives, no artificial colorings. All natural, healthy ingredients found in most pantries at home!

The suggested retail price of this book is $12.95 which means, for every book you sell, you earn $12.95 while you are helping to spread the word about your organization, helping animal lovers create healthy, fun, cost-effective treats for their animals and helping build long-term relationships with the local business community!

If you have any questions, contact us at
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